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Handmade products socially and environmentally friendly

Deaf & Mute Community Centre

Ban Phoumock - Luang Prabang, Laos

Did you know that beautiful things could be made from used coffee capsules?

The girls of the Deaf & Mute Centre have recently begun a new manual activity in order to launch handmade products aiming to be socially and environmentally friendly!

One of the first idea is to create keyrings ! In order to realise these, it is quite simple, the girls wind colourful thin threads around bigger ones until it gets long enough and then stick coffee capsules that have been redesigned into flowers, shells for example on the threads.

The result is a colourful touch on your key set and a way to find it more easily !

The second idea would be to put the redesigned coffee capsules on hair ties.

It would add a nice colourful and feminine touch to any hairstyle !

These creations will be sold in our handicraft shop soon.

To be able to launch these handmade products, we asked the inhabitants of Luang Prabang, especially the expat community and coffee places, restaurants and hotels if they used coffee pods, and if it is the case to bring them to our Centre. Indeed, we will know how to re-use them and it will be the opportunity for coffee capsule users to visit our place.

This action will reduce waste and help the Deaf & Mute Community Centre develop its handicraft activities !

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Hair tie
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